The weather forecast, on your taskbar


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WeatherBar is an application designed to tell you the weather at any moment of the day. This meteorologic application integrates itself into the Windows taskbar, so you only need to take a quick glance to see whether or not it'll be a nice day.

When you start up WeatherBar, you'll see a forecast of skies, temperature, and wind for the next four days, so you can make plans without worrying about being surprised by a storm or a heat wave. The application's interface is simple and intuitive; just add the name of your city and select it to see the weather.

What really makes this program stand out is that its place in the taskbar allows it to display icons with the current weather and humidity. Right-clicking on the icon give you the forecast for the next few days, without even having to open WeatherBar.

Checking the forecast couldn't be more convenient, thanks to this tool.

No installation required.

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